Sathyadeva Ayurdhama

Polycystic ovarian syndrome {PCOS} is a heterogeneous collection of signs and symptoms that, when gathered together , form a spectrum  of a disorder with a mild presentation in some, and a severe disturbance of reproductive, endocrine and metabolic function in others.

In Ayurveda it is better understood in the kriyakala aspect, which gives us a better idea of the level of dosha and the dushya rather than a mere term to represent it.

Stress is a powerful contributor to both fatigue and PCOS. Although the original purpose of the stress response is to provide a momentary burst of energy in order to fight or run away, stress has become a continual presence in ones life today. Cortisol, produced by the adrenal glands, is vital for the functioning as long as it is in appropriate amounts, but excess levels of Cortisol cause resistance in adrenal receptors and contribute to Insulin Resistance as well as general resistance to other hormones. Further, glucocorticoids are also stress-response chemicals and these hormones are also responsible for increased storing of abdominal fat and raising blood glucose levels.

  • There is no direct reference for PCOS in ayurvedic classics, this  does not mean to rule out the possibility of the scattered reference regarding the topic in the classics.
  • It is very much clear from the classics that a disease need not be named but its dosha, dushya, are to be properly Because the vitiation of the same tridoshas can cause different disease in different parts of the body & the disease has to be understood accordingly  to adopt an appropriate treatment.
  • Signs and symptoms of a disease are the more evident forms of a disease, than the etiological factors. So in relation to PCOS, while understanding the disease with a retrograde approach we note that the symptoms of the disease finds its similarity with most of the santarpanotha vikaras, rasavaha srotho dusti lakshanas and also the medovaha srotho dusti lakshanas. Accordingly if we follow the treatment  of strotodushtis  and avrutha vata which are mentioned by our acharyas, definitely  we can treat  PCOD  cases


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